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Even If... You Don't Have an Offer,

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Begins Monday, February 14th

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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Khalea Gains Confidence To Increase Her Prices And Sells $55k In First 3 Months!

Dan Henry Utilizes Our Virtual Events Strategy To Experience His First $1M Day!

Rasmus Lindgren Converts 30% Of Attendees At His 1st Virtual Event To Generate $500k+ In Revenue!

In This Free Challenge You Will Discover...

Eileen & Joe will break down the entire detailed system they use to consistently help their clients add multiple 6 & even 7-figures to their business while selling just 2 days per month!
The “I Don’t Have a Huge List” Method
How to fill a virtual room with new leads and convert 20-35% into your highest end buyers without a sales call in UNDER 30 days...
The Need For Speed Workshop
How to create a business system designed for SPEED not never-ending labor! (You'll leave here KNOWING how to get results FAST, even if you feel too busy to take on another project!) 
Live Q&A and Laser Coaching
With attendees to help them crush their previous sales records! Joe & Eileen will bring some people on and work with them LIVE!

Discover The Most Time Leveraged And Effective Sales System Ever Created


Joseph Aaron

Joseph is known as the go-to guy to create, fill, and host mega-profitable virtual events.

After serving clients in multiple Industries and leading them to successfully host 6-figure and even 7-figure days using virtual events, his unique methodology has attracted some of The Who’s Who of business leaders today.

Joe has found that a unique problem in the online space is that selling high ticket offers requires an inordinate amount of time on sales calls.

Beginner clients struggle to fill their calendar with sales opportunities. Even once a beginner can fill their calendar, acquiring the skillset of selling on sales calls is exhausting and demoralizing.
The only thing more difficult than being glued to the phone, is finding a sales team that can get the job done.

Very. Difficult.

For more experienced entrepreneurs, the job of training and managing a sales team is a never ending revolving door. It’s no fun.
In March of 2020, the game changed though. Joe created a unique methodology to fill and host hyper profitable online virtual events that allow us to close at a same or higher close rate than an entire sales team, without a sales team or a need to get on the phone.

This new opportunity was never possible before the pandemic.

Now Joe is on a mission to help 100 coaches, done-for-you service providers, and course creators create a regular recurring virtual event system to outsell an entire sales team without ever getting on any sales calls.

Eileen Wilder

Eileen is an author and a business coach specializing in high-ticket sales. She was a pastor for over two decades, and she and her family were used to living on very humble means. That all changed when one day when she found a way to make more in a day than she was use to making in an entire year.

This path was far from easy, and Eileen openly shares her trials and tribulations of overcoming severe depression, constant anxiety attacks and an eating disorder… making it nearly impossible to have the confidence it took to sell anything, let alone a high ticket program.

Now she’s on a mission to help people charge what they're worth, have fun and crush it with high-ticket sales!


Epiphany Shares The Impact Of Her 1st Day Of Training With Joe & Eileen...

Uchendi Acts On What He Learned In The Free Training And Sells $600K At One Event!

Nate Celebrates Eileen & Joe's Client Commitment & Values Training Above 6-Figures!

Noah Claims He's Saved $100k+ In His Business Just From What He Learned Day 1!

Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to scaling a successful coaching or consulting business.
Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. At the end of the free training, an opportunity will be offered to learn more.
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